Here are answers to questions we are often asked. If you have any additional questions or want more information about us, please send us a note or call us at (888) 545-8513.

Q: Why would I sell my land to you?

A: We can take your property off of your hands quickly, pay all of your back taxes if you have any, and cover all closing costs. We pride ourselves on making the whole process easy and transparent. If you are looking to dispose of vacant land we are here to help you.

Q: Are you real estate agents?

A: No, we are not agents. We buy land and sell land directly with owners.

Q: How do I get an offer for my property?

A: Start by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. That will take you to another page which asks for additional details. The more information you can provide the quicker we can come up with a fair offer. Once we analyze the property information we will get back to you with a proposal. Alternatively, you can just call us at (888) 545-8513 and we can do it over the phone.

Q. What happens once we agree on a price?

We’ll mail you an official Purchase Agreement detailing the price and terms of the sale, which you sign and mail back to us. Once we have that document we will start the closing process and will work to get you your money as soon as possible. For more details visit our How It Works page.


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